Smoked Hot Sauce




The star of our Smoked Hot Sauce is the Chipotle Morita chilli, a smoked jalapeño from Northern Mexico that is a central ingredient in traditional Mexican cuisine. A 10 from 10 heat level; this sauce is great for cooking, dipping and putting on food to add heat and a rich dark, smoky flavour.

Additional information

Weight 310 g

Bottle (250 ml)

Heat Level

10 of 10


Mango, Vinegar, Chillies, Bell Peppers, Chipotle, Raspberries, Cider, Smoked Sea Salt, Mustard, Demerara Sugar, Garlic, Onions, Soy Sauce, Tomatoes, Red Beet Juice, Pepper.

Unit Price

3.40€ per 100ml


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