Slavic Shaolin Hot Sauce


44,00  / l



Strictly Limited Edition! Produced with our partners Pandemonic in Poland.

Based on a traditional Polish recipe known as bigos, our Slavic Shaolin Hot Sauce blends fermented Chocolate Trinidad Maruga scorpion peppers to give it a heat level of 8/10. All ingredients grown and fermented on the Pandemonic farms in Poland, then brought to The 4/20 Chilli Lounge in Nürnberg and combined by Pandemonic & 4/20 Chilli into the archetypal Slavic hot sauce.

Discover this incredible hot sauce while supplies last!


Additional information

Weight 310 g

Bottle (250 ml)

Heat Level

8 of 10


Fermented mushrooms (98% mushrooms, 2% salt), sauerkraut (98% white cabbage, 2% salt), fermented chocolate Trinidad scorpion peppers (92% peppers, 6% garlic, 2% salt), dry red wine, honey, apple cider vinegar, dried apricots, shallots, rapeseed oil, tomato paste, cinnamon, garlic, salt, koji, spices.

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34.00€ per liter